kar&chach is a Miami-based, Jamaican-born accessories label with a distinct New York City influence.
The designs, which pay homage to all three cultures, cater to fashion mavens with,young, edgy and sophisticated style.  Designer and maker Karen Evans saw the kar&chach collection come to life through her desire to convert her aesthetic preference into fashion. With a name like kar&chach - a fusion of her name (kar) and that of her optimistic, and colorful mom (chach) - it was important to kar to design pieces that tell a story. "Your accessories should always be functional but say something about you," she explains. "I'm not always in the same mood every day, and kar&chach allows me to express that individuality."
kar has successfully used her background in architecture and construction to bring structure and purpose to every design.  Her style- relaxed contemporary with an urban appeal - is evident in  kar&chach's handcrafted pieces.
kar&chach - a culture infused accessories label where cool meets city and street meets smart